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Morse Doesn't Like Movie Trappings

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) - (Thursday, May 24, 2001)

David Morse doesn't like being pampered.

Filming for the first time in Taiwan, the actor said Thursday he's enjoying his new project, Double Vision, because it lacks the big-budget Hollywood trappings.

"The movie has the feeling of an independent film, and independent films have a kind of heroic quality,'' said Morse, who co-starred last year with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe in the action movie Proof of Life.

In Double Vision, Morse plays an FBI agent chasing a serial killer who imbeds a mysterious fungus in the brains of his victims.

Morse said the film, directed by Taiwanese Chen Kuo-fu, is unique because it's full of Chinese religious rituals.

"Spirituality is something we have around us all the time. It's not often you experience this in new and different ways,'' Morse said.

Morse is no stranger to an international cast. Proof of Life was filmed in Ecuador. He also appeared in the art-house musical Dancer in the Dark, starring Icelandic pop singer Bjork.

"I think we're all after the same thing, which is a very honest response from the heart to who the character is," said Morse, who lives with his wife and three children in Pennsylvania.



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