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Friday September 6 12:29 PM ET

Hack (Sept. 27):

"Mike Olshansky was a decorated cop in Philadelphia who lived by a code justifying "hazard pay every once in a while, as long as it doesn't come out of the city's pocket." But then he got caught taking money from a crime scene. He was booted off the force.

Where to now for the disgraced, jobless Mike? Driving a cab, of course. But when he picks up a fare who's in desperate straits, he can't resist getting involved. The reasons are one part self-redemption and one part a fix — he desperately misses his old life.

Giving Mike assistance from the inside is his former partner, Marcellus Washington ( Andre Braugher), who took money, too, but didn't get caught.

The pilot episode, while impressive, seems unrepresentative of the series to come since Braugher is barely seen. Presumably this splendid actor will be more prominent in subsequent episodes.

But David Morse is affecting as Mike, a man learning that, even without authority or recognition, he can still right wrongs. The cab just gets him there."



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