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Gene Armstrong

An imposing presence at 6 feet, 4 inches, David Morse is also one of our favorite character actors.

He's back in theaters opposite Jamie Foxx in the comedy-action flick Bait.

In the next few months you'll be able to see Morse in Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark, co-starring with Catherine Deneuve and pop singer Bjrk; and with Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe and David Caruso in Taylor Hackford's Proof of Life.

If you like him in Bait, check out one of Morse's other 40-something performances. Some suggestions:

The Green Mile: As prison guard Brutus "Brutal" Howell, right-hand man to Tom Hanks' Paul Edgecomb, Morse shows patience and authority in this 1999 supernatural prison drama based on the Stephen King serial novel.

The Negotiator: Although Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson rightly have most of the attention in this cerebral 1998 thriller, Morse is a reliable presence as an over-enthusiastic SWAT team commander.

The Crossing Guard: Morse is stunning as John Booth, the remorseful drunken driver who killed the daughter of Jack Nicholson's character in this gripping 1995 drama written and directed by Sean Penn.

The Indian Runner: Another terrific small work by Sean Penn, this 1991 film stars Morse as a peaceful sheriff's deputy coping with the return to town of his troubled, Vietnam-vet brother (Viggo Mortensen).



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