Mike Olshansky in Hack

David Morse - Hack

Director of Programming
CBS Television
524 West 57th Street
New York, New York 10019

Dear Sir (or Madam):

I have never written to a TV network before to express my opinion about it’s programming. That is, until now ... because I understand it’s now the time for you to decide whether to renew some of the shows you introduced this past fall.

I think a lot of us out here are way too quiet about what appeals to us. We are just appalled at much of what comes on night after night, yet that is what we seem to be getting more and more of on the other networks. Our silence just seems to encourage the proliferation of “junk” programming, dreadful “reality” shows, etc. The bright spot seems, to us, to be CBS' presentation of quality drama programming which, in our eyes, stands apart from, and above, the general direction TV seems to be descending to.

Now it may be time to stand up and speak out. In particular, we want you to know how much we have enjoyed the new David Morse show, Hack this past season and we want to ask that you please bring it back for next year. We have gotten really attached to his character, “Mike Olshansky,” as we watched him make lots of really interesting choices in his struggle to get his life back on track.

We think David Morse is perfect in this role. He is quietly able - with just a look - to convey so much of what seems to be boiling just below the surface of this character, and there’s sure a lot going on there. We want more! Play this right and you’ve got the counter-point to NYPD’s “Andy Sipowitz.” We also really like the versatile Andre Braugher in this ... How can you go wrong when you put these two together?

I am hoping you’ll soon be announcing that this excellent show will be on the schedule again for next year. It just seems there are so many places you can go with this character that it would be a crime to leave him - and us - out there in the cold.

Crossing our fingers for the renewal of Hack.

Thank you for your time.



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