Jack Morrison in St. Elsewhere

David Morse - Personal Foul

The Toronto Star, April 30, 1988

Copyright 1988 Toronto Star Newspapers, Ltd.

April 30, 1988, Saturday, SATURDAY SECOND EDITION
LENGTH: 564 words

BYLINE: Eirik Knutzen, John Bryden

No wonder he's uptight: Over the past year, David Morse's Dr. Jack Morrison character on St. Elsewhere has been raped during a prison riot, has watched his young son blow away the rapist, and has seen his second marriage dissolve. "I thought that doing a comedy-drama feature, Personal Foul, would be a nice change of pace," says Morse. "It's a love triangle, also starring Adam Arkin and my real-life wife, Susan Wheeler Doss (sic). But living in a small apartment in a tiny Illinois town during the filming was an unnatural situation for us, particularly since I become very intense and short-tempered when I work. I made things so uncomfortable for everybody that my wife took me aside and asked me to lighten up. I immediately saw the light and cut it out. I have a lot of respect for her and she does for me also . . . . I think."



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