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Last updated Wed, May 10, 2006

My husband and I found Hack by accident one night when we were surfing channels. I don't think we've missed an episode, and had never heard of the series, probably because we don't watch much network television  We usually watch sports, or DVD movies.  It is kind of nice for us that the shows are coming on very quickly without having to wait a full week for each one.
Anyway it's our favorite show, and the characters seem so real.  The acting and scripts are terrific.  David's portrayal of Mike is so believeable, we find ourselves routing for him as we get into the stories.   The casting is great. (January 28, 2006)

I come from Poland and here Hack is not so popular like in USA, but for me it is the best show! David I'm Your great fun
!You are the best actor:*

Monika Stemplewska from Poland (April 23, 2006)

My husband and I were faithful fans of Hack, and were excited about the last season and the potentials - we were very upset when CBS chose to cancel it - CBS has been making a lot of mistakes of late.  What a disappointment not to be able to watch this show with so much talent - you all did a tremendous job.  Good luck to you all in future ventures, and thanks for 2 enjoyable seasons.

I'd like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. May you each be blessed in a special way.

I'd like to thank you for the many years of sharing your craft with us and most of all in Hack.  How I miss seeing Mike mucking around in the "real" snow, not Hollywood snow. The cold and dismal weather on Hack was never pretend and the long hours you and the rest of the cast and crew put into Hack made the best show on TV. 

So many of us miss you coming into our homes every week and I know the appreciation for all your hard work is heartfelt among your many fans

Happy Holidays.

Tess Fawber

This is the second note of thanks I have sent to the cast and crew of Hack.  What prompted me to do so was the hard, cold realization that we have been left empty handed, have had our hearts and souls taken from us, and being from Hack's hometown, the emptiness of this wonderful production no longer being a part of our every day life has been magnified. 

From a personal standpoint, the almost weekly sighting of the cast and crew and the greetings received and given that brought great joy to me were things I was able to pass along to the host of new friends I have made through this show's production. 

Alas, the streets seem strangely quiet, the glow from the street lights just a bit dimmer, and the weekly homage paid before the TV is a practice no longer necessary.  However, the friendships that have been made because of David Morse, Andre Braugher, the rest of the cast and the show itself remain intact.

Shortly after we received the disheartening news, I was personally told by a producer from Hollywood that another network wanted to take Hack into its fold but that Moonves would not release the rights to the show because, "I don't want to get kicked in the butt down the road."  In that one small statement, Moonves, for all intents and purposes, admitted that he had a winner on his hands. 

I still turn the TV Guide to the 9:00 slot on Saturdays out of curiosity and out of hope.  But, thanks to those who seem to relish the misery the cancellation has brought, any sense of hope is quickly dashed by yet another moronic reality show or the airing of yet another re-run of a long-forgotten, unimaginative movie.  Sadly, the quality is gone; unfortunately, the nonsense remains.

So, to David Morse, his fellow partners in the craft, and to the crew whose hard work, long hours, and diligence helped bring such a splendid production to our screens, you can never know how hollow we feel.  You can never know how the sadness lingers, and you can never know that the anger, at least for some of us, is still seething and still boiling.  To those who made the financial decision to divest itself from this show, shame on you.  To quote The Bard, "A plague on both your houses!"

Bless you all.

Rosary Casiello

Dear David,
This is the third time I have come to your site to make a comment of appreciation. THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION WAS HACK!!  CBS made a terrible mistake when they canceled  HACK.

You put such feeling into the part of Mike Olshansky. You are one of my favorite actors, and very handsome to! You truly have charisma!  I truly wish your show returns.

Do one thing --- keep the goatee .... adds tons to your good looks!   


P.S.  I'll be back...I do not give up!

Donna  from Dexter, Maine 

Dear Mr. Morse, your family and everyone involved with Hack:

Your TV show is the best TV show I've ever seen.  I am a 50 year old woman, married to a college professor.  I had not worked for the past 6 years.  Your show inspired me to take a job driving a taxi. 

After I completed my 1st day of driving my cab, my husband, a non bumper sticker man, put a "We Back Our Hack" sticker on his S.U.V.  When his colleagues ask him about it, he proudly tells them his wife drives a cab. 

I love my job.  I am seeing a side of the world I always knew was there but never was part of.  Now I am. 

I am where I need to be thanks to Hack.  I have helped people, fed a fare that asked me for food, and put a fare up in a motel for the night. I've also driven fares around with my meter turned off.  I am where I need to be. 

This job is nothing like the cozy state job I had for 19 years, in a nice, carpeted warm building.  The driver's room is cold, has a cement floor and no indoor plumbing. 

Thank you David Morse.  You played Mike Olshanksy well and I learned an important lesson.  I miss your TV show and I do not go quietly, or give up easily. anymore.  God Bless you and yours.

Jessica, Olympia, WA 





dottie - wpb-floridabjm

Dear David Morse, your family and crew:

I desperately miss your inspirational TV show, Hack. You are a wonderful actor.  Your TV show was wonderful.  I learned so much from your TV show and the character, Mike Olshansky.  Hack was so very well put together.

I pray another network or even CBS will bring back Hack.  I do not give up easily or quietly.

Thank you so much, Mr. Morse.

God Bless you and your family, and the Crew of Hack.


Jessica on the West Coast of WA state. 

I looked forward through the 'off season' to the start of Hack again in the fall season.  I am disappointed that CBS chose to cut out one of the best of the series shows. 

It's too bad that Reality Shows and violent crime dramas are preferable.

Perhaps, my judgment is compromised by old age.  Whenever there is a really good show with good moral themes and a minimum of gratuitous sex and violence, it is relegated to the wastebasket because it appeals to the heart and intellect.
Too bad.  How about reruns?

Ethel Trimmer

Two words for CBS....BIG MISTAKE!!! My husband and I never missed an episode of Hack. Best show on primetime!

Lynn Bollinger

My Comment? Bring back the best primetime show on CBS---Hack!!!!!

Maybe another night, maybe another timeslot....I don't care! I have every episode recorded, but now the story is at a standstill!

We Hack fans need more seasons of this excellent show with such a handsome, sexy actor! So, do your best, listen to us fans.

Bring Hack back!!!!!   Bring Hack back!!!!!       BRING HACK BACK!!!!!!! BRING HACK BACK!!!!!!!      B-R-I-N-G  H-A-C-K  B-A-C-K!!!!

Donna Jamison

At 72, I have seen a lot of movies and plenty of TV and I have found that David Morse and the series Hack to be of the best.

Dear Staff and Crew of the greatest show on CBS television...Hack!!!!!

My comment? I am so disappointed that Hack was canceled!!!!!!!!! Is there some way this wonderful show can return? I want to know how Mike Olshansky's life is going to change since he moved to the new apartment and met his new love next door.

This is just not fair that this great show was dumped by CBS!! David Morse is a superb actor, and also very handsome and sexy!!! Thanks for 2 seasons...I  recorded every epsode! Am I a fan? What do YOU think?!!

So, please, please,please....Bring Hack Back!!!!! I have already written letters to everyone, including David! I live in Maine, near Bangor.  I and many of my friends want Hack back!!!!!!!!!!!Please do your utmost best...

Then we can say Hack Is Back!!!!!!!!!

Donna Jamison

To the devoted Hack fans.

The fight for Hack was long and hard but with limited resources here in Philly there was only so much we could do for Dave but we didn't go down easily.

Last week I learned from a (Philly) channel 3 CBS local reporter that CBS execs wanted out of Philly and Hack would not have worked anywhere else. We would have done anything to save this show for Dave and Andre.

If you want more info, please email me.

Dave, we miss seeing you, Andre and the taxi on our streets but look forward to your new movies.

Continued success to you and your family.

Maryann Smialkowski

I have been searching the web to find out when Hack was going to be coming back on TV.

What a shock to find out it had been cancelled! What was CBS thinking! My husband and I have both been waiting to hear the announcement of the new season.

Thank You so much for a wonderful show! We have thoroughly enjoyed it and haven't missed an episode.

The powers that be just drop a show with no regard to the viewers!

I am so disappointed!

Pat and Jack

The cancellation of your show is just another example of CBS being out of the loop as far as pleasing viewers.  I think they need a severe overhaul of their management staff. 
I was truly shocked and sorry to learn that Hack was not being renewed.  Thanks for an enjoyable show.  It was one of the best on network TV.

P. Gibbons

I really think CBS messed up by not renewing this series. 

It was one of my wife's and my favorite show.  

Thanks to all,

Gary Roush

Just wanted to let everyone involved with Hack know that they did a great job with the show, especially David Morse.

David, you and your character, Mike Olshansky, have been an inspiration to me over the last two years. I was having some real troubling times over the last couple of years. 

It's ironic that you're from the Hamilton, MA area and I am from the Beverly, MA area. That and the fact that we're basically the same age helped me create a bond between you, me, and your show. 

You and your show, Hack, really pulled me through those times. I want to thank you so much for a job well done. Maybe if enough of us complain they will put Hack back on the air.



Even though I know that HACK has been cancelled, I continue to check this site to see if by some miracle it had been renewed! This is a down-to-earth show that showed family, friendship, romance, intrique, everything that other cop shows or soap shows do not have.  

The acting was brilliant. David Morse is not only one of the handsomest men on TV but he seemed like a real person. The same for Andre. CBS , take note from the real people that watch TV and give us HACK back.

Sandra H., Georgia

To The Cast And Crew Of HACK:
I'm sorry to hear of the show's cancellation.  My wife and I both enjoyed watching it.  Too bad another network wouldn't have picked it up.
Shawn Powers

Hey Dave! Just wanted to say thanks for a great show, now I don't really have anything to do on Saturdays! I don't know what CBS was thinking and I'm sorry that it got cancelled. I'm looking forward to your new movie Down In The Valley!

I'm sure you were awesome like you other movies! Keep up your acting I know that you have inspired many people to start acting including me I'm going to start theater soon.


Ashley Knapp, 13,
Dayton, OH

Would love to see Hack come to back as a DVD box set! ...

Wonderful show!..

Michael Kelly

I've been confused and frustrated for months, checking the Hack web site weekly for news of the show's return. Today I finally learned its cancellation, and I am very disappointed. What a shame that CBS didn't realize and appreciate the gem that it had.

As a Philadelphia-area native living in Boston, I enjoyed my weekly TV "visits" back home, which began when I discovered the show last fall. I enjoyed not only the location sights, but the consistently strong cast, taut, inventive plots and believable scripts. The show about the Iraq veteran was especially compelling.

I have admired David Morse's talent since St. Elsewhere, and I'll miss seeing him and Philly every Saturday.

Michele Maniscalco
Boston, MA

What a terrible shame and tremendous blow to TV viewers who crave intelligent dramas!  There is no logical reason for canceling Hack.  None whatsoever.  We will certainly miss watching David Morse and cast in what we considered a premiere production. 

CBS went off the "stupidity meter" with their decision, and we can only hope that some other network sees the light and hears the pleas of Hack fans and somehow grabs this excellent show from the cold, ugly grasp of CBS. 

Thank you to David Morse, Andre Braugher and all the cast for making Saturday nights worthwhile."

Susan and Gabriel Navarra
Marlton, NJ

The last time I watched Saturday night television was the last episode that aired of "Hack". I was extremely disappointed that CBS cancelled this intelligent, moving and very thought-provoking series. I guess they figure we need more "reality TV" or perhaps another superficial cops n robbers show.

In any event, "Hack" and the whole crew of the show were superb and I looked forward to watching the show every week. "Hack" was the best thing to happen to CBS. Too bad the network didn't appreciate as good as it had. Best of luck to David and I look forward to seeing him in another project real soon.

We love you David!!!

We in Phoenix, Arizona are very sad to see Hack be cancelled on CBS. Of all the television fare out there, why would a substantial, entertaining show like "Hack" have to go? Hopefully, David Morse will be seen in many more future projects. Phoenix loves you, David.

Holly Zaborski
Phoenix, AZ

To David Morse and the Hack cast and crew,

Thank you for an intelligent and absorbing series. The production was superior; the acting superb. Philadelphia has lost a great show.

Renee Poudrier
Stokesdale, NC

I am writing on behalf of myself and a friend.  I didn't know this show was on at first, however I have liked seeing Morse on screen.  He looked pretty tough.  I also liked the first name of Mike. 

You've got to bring this show back to CBS so we can all see more of him.  It was one thing that I actually thought about and looked forward to on Saturday nights. 

CBS, please put this show back on the air if you have already canceled it.  Don't put it in the circular file!!!!!



I was really surprised and crushed to find out that Hack was canceled. I watched the show every week and will MISS IT!  CBS has made a bad decision; it would be nice if they reconsider.

Dear Mr. Morse and crew:

I am Jessica Lawson.  This is my 2nd note of appreciation to you all.  I won the David Morse online non Philly basket in a raffle.  One of the many lovely things in it was a beautiful candle.  I light the candle for one hour every Saturday night, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Coast time.  I put the candle out at 10:00 p.m.  That now is my tradition.  In memory of Hack. 
God Bless you, your family and everyone involved with Hack and everyone that tried so hard to keep Hackon the air.  I am sad.  I never thought I would cry over a TV show.  I do and don't watch TV anymore.  I shall always light the candle every Saturday night.  Thank you.
Jessica Lawson
near Seattle, WA

David, Andre and fellow cast members,

Thank you for giving us a wonderful show and one we truly miss. Hack is not only a great loss to the city of Philadelphia but to fans everywhere.

It was so nice being able to see parts of the city where my sister and her family lives and a welcomed change from NYC or LA where shows are a dime a dozen.

Best of luck with your new movie and continued success with your personal life and career. CBS made a huge mistake taking the show from us and now there is nothing worth while watching on TV. Hack has fans of all ages and hopefully one day some network will air reruns.

Marie Zipay
West Middlesex PA

For the Hack cast and crew,

        I have asked my niece Rosary to send this message for me.  I am 95 years old, single and live by myself.  At my age, there isn't much enjoyment left in life, but on Saturday nights I at least had Hack to bring some joy to this senior citizen.  I even enjoyed hearing about my niece's stories of watching the filming. 

Now, all that has been taken away from me.  I will really miss seeing this program and hope there is some way it can come back on the air with another network.  What's wrong with CBS?

        Thank you to "that Hack guy" and all the others on the show.  You were wonderful!  God bless!

Margaret DiPiero

Great show, quality cast. Will be sorely missed. Thank you David Morse for your support of Post Polio.

Kathy Fezza
Parsippany, NJ 

To the Hack cast and crew,

Hearing the news of the cancellation was one of the worst things I could have heard.  It was also one of the most ridiculous decisions ever made by a network.  CBS shot itself in the foot.  I not only enjoyed the program every week, but I enjoyed actually watching filming on the streets of Philadelphia. 

You all have my respect and admiration for a job well done, and I am truly sorry to see this terrific show pushed aside.  Through my friend Rosary, I was able to meet some of you, and it was a pleasure.  You are all decent people.  We are keeping up the pressure to somehow get another network to take "Hack" for its own and in the meantime, we miss you and wish you the very best life can offer.

Rudolph DiLorenzo
Philadelphia, PA

I really want to thank all of you for the opportunity that was afforded to me by getting to be on Hack eight different times. The cast and the crew were very professional and never mistreated you because you were an extra.

It is a shame that CBS felt the need to axe the show. Both David and Andre were very true people, meaning that they never looked down on you. Every time I was on set I had the chance to talk to both of them and just talk about everyday life.

Once they found out that I was/am a Detective, they would ask how things were going or even ask about certain jobs that may have been on the news.

I want to thank David and Andre for being so kind as well as the entire Hack crew who were GREAT to work with. I hope someday to join back up with everyone!!!.. Before I go, I would like to give a special thanks to Diane Heery of Heery Casting for giving me the opportunity to be on Hack. You too are Great.

God Bless.

Greg Young

Dear Mr. Morse and crew:

I really enjoyed your TV show Hack. It will be missed by the West coast.  It was the best TV show I've ever seen in my life. I'm 50 years old.

Every Saturday evening, my 8 year old little girl and I would snuggle up in my bed with tons of snacks and beverages.   My daughter knew and understood what the show was about.  I feel empty now on Saturday nights and do not watch TV.

Watching your wonderful show was the highlight of our week.  We watched your show from the time it first aired on Friday nights until the last episode on Saturday night.  At the time we did not know it would be the last episode.  My heart is broken as is a lovely family tradition. 

I pray that still, some how, some way Hack will be on the air again.

David Morse Online had a raffle for a Philly gift basket filled with items from Philadelphia.  There were 2 baskets.  I won the non-Philly basket, It was literally over-flowing with beautiful items; pictures and information about the great city of Philadelphia.  The pictures are gorgeous and included many of the actual places where Hack was filmed.

Hack was so unique.  It truly was a special gift.  And yes, Hack will be sorely missed by me, my daughter, the West coast and every place in between.

Thank you so much for 2 years of a fabulous TV show that was realistic and had wonderful actors and actresses in it.  Thank you to all of you that worked so hard on Hack.

Jessica Lawson 

Thanks for two great seasons of quality TV.  Don't know what CBS was thinking by cancelling the show. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Morse's work in the future. 

Cindy Moser
Catasauqua, PA

Thank you very much for two great years of quality tv  (at least one night a week). It was nice to have something to look forward to watching every week. Well it was great while it lasted. And I don't what age liked this show but I'm 32 and I loved it.

Thanks again,
Michele D.
Detroit, MI

Dear David, Andre, Cast & Crew:

Where do I begin to say how much Hack has contributed to Philadelphia and to myself personally? In an article I wrote for this site called Getting the Hack of Hack, I talk about it. 

I grew up in Philly, left for years, and it was HACK that brought me back.  I did 5 episodes of the show and have Hack, Mike Lemon & Diane Heery Casting to thank (and especially Maribeth!) for helping me earn my SAG card.

David and Andre were true gentlemen on the set; I was proud to work in my hometown doing what I love.  

Hack's time here was shortlived and it's dismissal abrupt; ironic that it will be replaced by yet another "reality show" that usually stars shallow, unrealistic people--unlike the characters David, Andre & the cast blessed us with for two great seasons.  

Philly will never be the same again.


Jim Loftus

I would just like to thank the cast and crew of Hack for two wonderful seasons. I was very sad when I learned that CBS had decided not to renew HACK for a third season, and was furthermore apalled when I found out they had cancelled the show in favor of yet another over-stale reality TV show, which American viewers grow increasingly weary of.

I will miss a great show that featured characters brilliantly performed by David and Andre that had a depth to them that alot of other shows lack. David Morse is a very gifted and diversified actor, and I look forward to whatever project he works on next.

I have been a fan of many years, and will be a fan for many more. Again, I think CBS made a huge mistake, and I speak out as a member of the 18-49 (I'm 34) demographic they claimed the show lacked support of on the Saturday time slot. With the cancellation of Hack, I have no reason to stay home for Saturday TV.

It is my hope though, that the show's producers will have the foresight to release the two seasons that we were blessed to have on DVD. It would be a nice dedication to the cast and crew, the fans and the city of Philadelphia. God bless Mike O'lshansky.

Carl Daniels
Granite City, IL

It was great for the city--you did us proud!  The show got better and better each week! Go out PROUD!! 

Just think on the bright side--no more cold and damp work days in the civic center~

Suzanne Stauffer

What more can I say! Everytime we get a good show on television they take it off.

Hack was a great show, it showed us a lot of Philly locations we've never seen before.

I hope everyone does what it takes to keep it going.

Good luck in the future.


A Fan
Philadelphia, PA

Dear David and crew,

I will sorely miss Hack. I so looked forward to watching the show each week and hoped for a third season.

In addition, it's a shame that Philladelphia won't have the needed jobs that the show provided. Hopefully the people involved obtained enough experience to obtain similar jobs close to home.

David, I am a big fan and will be anxiously awaiting Down In The Valley and your future projects. My best to all of you and your families.

Peggy Moyers
Germantown, MD

I feel as if I've lost a friend.  So many of us will miss this superb show and miss seeing your filming sites around the city. 

We are so sorry to see you go.  There's a great big hole in my TV viewing now. 

Thanks to David Morse, et al. for a wonderful two years.  God bless all of you.

Bernadette Casiello
Philadelphia, PA

My whole family enjoyed watching   your show; it seems like everything we like they take off the air. 

Thank you for a very entertaining show and I wish you and all the cast and crew luck in the future.  Maybe someone will air reruns of Hack on another channel; if they do we will be watching faithfully.

Thank You.

The Camodeca Family
Philadelphia, PA

We have emailed CBS many times for you, Mr. Morse, including your cast and crew. You were filming here in our Fishtown area and we were privileged to have you.

Thank you Mr. Morse and thank you to the cast and crew. Hopefully, there will be another station who will pick up your show.

God bless you all and take care.

We miss you.

Frank and Edna Kozul
Philadelphia, PA

My wife and I loved Hack from the first episode. It was a fantastic show with a great cast.

CBS has made a huge error in cancelling it. Hopefully all episodes that were filmed will be shown.

I hope it comes back but networks have shown time and time again that the viewers are not their priority.

I am a big fan of David Morse and I know he will bounce right back into another fantastic role.

Thanks for a great show,

Norman Cook

(editors note: Hack's 2nd season comprised only 18 episodes and all episodes were aired.)

This cell is intentionally left blank.

Dear David and Cast,

We will miss Hack - I'm sure there were many more stories to be told.

As to the age target - I know of people from early thirties to seventies who watched the show. To me and my friends it crossed all age barriers.

Thank you for an innovative and inspiring show.

Nancy Waddell
Maplewood, NJ

Hack was an excellent show, and when I see the garbage that is presented on television, I just don't understand. CBS should have had faith and tried harder.

Maybe another network will pick it up and give it a chance. JAG was cancelled by one network and picked up by another and became a hit.

Elizabeth A. Hughes

David, you were the best. Hack was a great show, you and the cast and crew will be missed by a lot of Delaware fans.

The show may be gone, but the biggest loser in this is CBS. What do they know.

David, best wishes to you and your family and what ever else comes along in your career. Thanks for the good times.

Allen Harrington
Wyoming, DE

To David and all the cast and crew:

Hack was one of the best things to happen to Philly in a long time. I especially want to thank everyone for one of the most memorable experiences of my life when filming in Fishtown on Susquehanna Avenue.

I met Dave for the second time and got to be on the set while filming. It was a day that my daughter and I will always remember. Thanks Dave!

Best of luck to you and yours in the future, you are a wonderful actor. Everyone on the show was wonderful and I enjoyed watching for the two seasons that we did have. Bye Hack!

Barbie Small (Fishtown)

Dear David and Cast of Hack,

Yes, I am one of the 50 year-olds who are not included in the target audience for Hack.  What a shame that such criteria are used to make decisions about TV shows. 

Your show was excellent, well-acted and written, and my husband and I enjoyed it tremendously.  Thank you for enriching our Saturday nights!

Arlene Witman
Toms River, New Jersey

Thanks to David and Andre and the entire cast that created the only intelligent drama on TV with complex and multifaceted characters.

The slow evolution of a man finding redemption was great TV.

We will all miss this show!

Sally Flynn, MD

David and Olshansky are gone, no, no, no. Oh, how I love that show.

How sad this is, but this is supposed to be a thank you to the cast and crew, so I'll say thank you to all of you.

David, hang in there, you are too good to be tossed aside like this. I can't beleive it's over.

I'm crying as I write this. So I guess we all have to be between 18 and 49 years old to watch quality T.V. ...

Lots of LOVE and all my best.

LOVE YA, "MIKE 2626."

Susan Blake
Medford, N.J.

Dear Hack's cast and crew. I just found out that Hack has been canceled. I just can't believe it. My family and I loved that show and now it is gone. We never missed an episode. It was the "truely" the best show on television. I feel like throwing my TV in the trash now.

My hat is off to you people for the wonderful job you did with the show. The story line was very interesting but we'll never know how it ends now.

Thank you for giving us some outstanding entertainment the past two seasons. The people I work with also liked the show and will be disappointed when I tell them Hack has been canceled.

I wrote CBS a complaint about the show being canceled. No use getting interested in another series if this is what is going to happen. I guess I can kinda understand a show being canceled but it ought to played out to a conclusion instead of leaving it's viewers "hanging."

Thank you for allowing me to post this note. We are REALLY going to miss you!!!!!

A faithful viewer,
Curt Yanok

I was an extra on Hack several times.  As an aspiring actor it gave me some much-needed experience and I learned alot on the set without having to travel too far from home.

Yesterday I was pretty bummed when I heard the news.  But today, I'm not sad because Hack is over -- I'm happy because it happened.  Thanks so much everybody!!!

Philadelphia, PA

Hi David and all the cast and crew. What Dick Clark did for Philly with Bandstand in the '50's you did with Hack the last two years (sadly, only two years).

When I heard the news yesterday I was in a fog all day and night, I feel so down-hearted still today, Hack was something I looked forward to every week, it was such a great show, I will miss it terribly, it was so moving and touching, not DARK at all, in fact a child could've watched it.

Bless You and the cast and crew and your family at home, I'm sure 12-16 hour days weren't easy on them to bring us something great !!!

"outskirts" of Philadelphia, Pa

Up here in CANADA we love  Hack and it's really a shame that it's over!

Anna Hanti

Dear David and Crew:

Thanks for putting on a great show for the past two years. It was a breath of fresh air!

Charlie S.
Gainesville, FL

Hack had a richness and uniqueness that have been unparalleled. 

David, Andre, and each person who contributed to the creation of every episode, you produced intriguing works of art. What fantastic teamwork!
It was such a pleasure and privilege to work with you, David, and all the regular cast. All of us who have been so lucky have appreciated your grace and warmth.
Though it can be hard to say goodbye to something held so dear, that opens the way for a new experience with the potential for even greater joy.
Beloved friends, we'll be watching!
Andrea Havens

Hi all, I want to sincerely thank EVERYONE involved in one of the best T.V. dramas in a long, long time. David is THE only one who could have played "Mike" soooo convincingly,

It is said "out of bad things, good will come," MAYBE with Philly's budget somehow, someway this can go on (cable is always waiting). One person like myself can't make it happen BUT I'm sure going to do all I can anyway.

As for you, David, (for now anyway ) I want to thank you so,so, much for giving me two of the greatest seasons on Hack.

Thanks and Love to all of you.

Nikki Tobar
( a big fan )

I was so sorry to hear this morning that Our Favorite Show Hack has been CANCELLED....

Yes it is true, I would hope maybe NBC or ABC would Pick it up, But That Is A BIG IF.......

Sorry David we did try hard to keep your wonderful show on the air......

David you and everyone on the Show were OUTSTANDING.

To all that had work on the show in front of or behind the cameras Thank You for a Wonderful and Exciting Two Years.

I first became a fan of David Morse when I saw him as "Boomer" on St. Elsewhere.  He was truly riveting and I knew I was hooked for life.  I was extremely fortunate to see him on Broadway in How I Learned To Drive and will always remember how he owned the stage while portraying his award winning role. 

David's talent as an actor and the manner in which he consistently elevates his performances mark him as one of my favorite performers.   Thanks for two splendid years and, as one of your most loyal fans,  I'll be anxiously awaiting your next project.

With great admiration,

Pat Joyce,
Brooklyn, NY

Big kudos go out to all involved in the production of Hack.....

Thanks for everything and a special thanks to Diane Heery and Heery Casting who booked me more times than I ever expected. Now I am a member of SAG, working on many projects and learning the craft ... just last week I even did a principal role on HBO's "The Wire."

All my best to David, Andre, Jacqueline, Matt, Matthew, George, Donna, Thomas, David, John, Mark and every single person who worked it with perfection!

Also thanks to Mary for the incredible amount of time and talent she puts into David Morse Online... you rock!

Keith Moyer
Philadelphia, PA

Hearing that Hack was cancelled was so upsetting.  I so looked forward to watching the show every week. 

I've followed David through so many wonderful movie roles and religiously followed the Hack series. I'll truly miss it. 

Thanks for the two wonderful years of a quality show.  I personally will miss it very much. 
Penny Roush
Yorkville, OH

Everyone involved with Hack ~

Thank you for a wonderful two years.  Hack was innovative and fun to watch.  I will miss this quality show.  The community that was created around this show is an added bonus.  Not many shows have such a strong and community-oriented fan base.  That, to me, says a lot about Hack and the people who were a part of it.

Best to you all ~

Patti Haack
Portland, Oregon, USA

Dave, Wednesday morning came with news that broke our hearts and caused tears to flow. You have graced our city for 10 years now thanks to your wife and the ride the last 2 have been very exciting. I wish you continued success and thank you for everything.

Maryann Smialkowski
Philadelphia, PA

To David, cast and crew, I started watching Hack when my daughter entered college close to your filming site in Phila. I got hooked on fine acting, good drama, and a show that helped me to forget my own problems for awhile. I look forward to the next awesome projects that you are doing, and will always be a fan.

Paxinos, Pa.

I'm very sorry to hear that CBS has made this decision. Hack is a great show. David, Andre, and the rest of the cast and crew are all wonderful people to work with. All will be missed.

Chris McMullin
Bensalem, PA

This show will be missed by a demographic sorely overlooked. We baby boomers are hungry for programming that reflects our lives. Hack gave us Mike Olshansky, a man with problems and regrets. A character we could sympathize with for who among us reaches fifty without making a few bad decisions.

David and Andre brought these troubled characters alive with the kind of talent and class that only veteran actors possess. Kudos to cast and crew. I'll miss Hack.

Susan Marino-Koo
New York, NY

Back in August of last year, I received my very first call to work as an extra on a TV series.The cast and crew of Hack made that night and the following seven shows I would work on a fun and enjoyable time. I will not miss the very hot days or the nights when the tempertures dipped below freezing, but I will miss the cast and crew very much.

It is a shame that a decent drama with an excellent cast is tossed aside while a show like Friends had been continuously referred to as "must-see TV."

Good luck to everybody and maybe we'll bump into each other again sometime!

Christina Noel

Hello David Morse and Hack Cast,

I was immensely sorry to hear about Hack being cancelled. It will be CBS' loss. I know that you all are going to go on to bigger and better projects. You are an extremely talented cast. I will miss Hack very much. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always. GOD BLESS!!!


Kelly B.A. Mahoney
Tucson, Arizona

Dear David and Andre,

I just wanted to thank you for 40 unforgettable episodes of Hack

Every time I ran into you gentlemen on the set, you were always so polite and friendly.  I wish you both the best and look forward to seeing you in future projects.


David M. Sitbon
Philadelphia, PA

You didn't teach us that loss is pain, or that out of pain, something new and wonderful can arise, or that to fight is necessary, and to NOT fight is to give up what we hold dear.You didn't teach us that the only cure for lonliness is to welcome people in, or that doing so will cost you. Dearly, at times. You didn't teach us that laughter can come out of the dark, or tears show themselves in the light.

But, cast and crew, all of you, took part in something that reminded us all, these things are already there. You just have to be reminded once in awhile. Thank you all for your hard work, your efforts, your talents. You will be sorely missed.

Sheree (WykydRed)

As a production assistant on season one of Hack, the show and the people helped create an experience that will forever be unforgettable. Even after I left the series, I was an avid viewer. Never missed an episode. Always wore my Hack cap, always advertised it as best I can. I stood up for Hack as if it were my own. Because I believed in it, and because I knew that David, Andre, George, Matthew, and Donna believed in it as well.

It should be a sad day for CBS, because it's a sad day for many. Now that our cab (2626) has taken its final ride down the streets of Philadelphia.

Thank You all (both cast, crew, and viewers) for making the last two years the best Philly has ever had.

Robert X. Golphin,

David, strangely enough, this is one of the saddest days I can recall.  You know the support for you and Hack has been most vocal and determined, and your fans are extremely dismayed over today's unimaginable decision.  Suffice it to say, David, that there will be no wavering of support on my end.  I believe you were badly treated, and I take this as a personal affront.

Wishing you good health, success and much love,

Rosary Casiello
Philadelphia, PA

David, You took the blank canvas of this character and made him interesting in so many unexpected ways.  It was an outstanding achievement; we thank you for your rich and complex portrayal of this flawed character.  We were left wanting more.  May you have continued success, both professionally and personally!

Fort Lauderdale, FL 

I was an extra on Hack three or four times and everyone was wonderful to me.

Elisabeth S.

What is regrettable about the loss of Hack is that not only are we losing a moving series but it is being replaced with a reality program. Huh? A superb drama is sacrificed for what amounts to decadence for morons.

Willem de Witt
Grand Junction, Colorado

Hi David!! Just a note to say, I really, really, really, enjoyed Hack, and I'm sorry they cancelled it!

Looking forward to your new movie, Down In The Valley. I know you did an “outstanding” job as always!!

Cindy Hughes
Fort Worth, TX

David - Here’s hoping your future is filled with great things still undone/unimagined. We fans tried our best to save Hack BUT will continue to support your acting career.


Harrisburg, PA

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