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Archived News

The Sundance Film Festival listing of the showing of The Slaughter Rule is already showing two of the five airings of the movie as Sold Out. Wow! And there's been rumors that David, himself, might be in attendance, at the festival.

We'll find out in just about a week, or so, as the first screening is scheduled for January 11, 2002. (1/4)

Bravo does seem to be starting the St. Elsewhere series from the pilot. It''s been going on, now, for three days. The first three episodes have been shown, so far.

You can call them at 1-800-531-0002, to tell them how much you appreciate them reshowing, the series. And express your hopes that they will continue it, to the end. (1/4)

George B. is officially out on DVD in Region 1, so get your copy, now! Personally, I'd recommend buying it from DVD Empire at $12.13 as opposed to Amazon.com who has it at $13.49. Plus, DVD Empire offers Media Mail shipping, which is a lot cheaper than Amazon's.

Plus, look forward to some new George B. photos, soon. (1/4)

Good news about St. Elsewhere! Bravo will begin showing the series, again, starting January 2, 2002 at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST. For those of you who've never seen the show, or for us who were cut off so rudely when Bravo pulled the series late summer, this is great news indeed!

Thanks, Ashley! (12/22)

St. Elsewhere

Hearts in AtlantisHearts In Atlantis will make its DVD debut on 2/12/02. Warner will release a special edition of the film, featuring a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, English and French Dolby 5.1 surround and subtitle tracks, an audio commentary with director Scott Hicks, additional interviews with Hicks and Anthony Hopkins, a still gallery, and the trailer. Retail is $24.95. You can pre-order it at DVDEmpire for $17.49 (12/20)

Sundance.org is now listing the showtimes for The Slaughter Rule at January's Sundance Film Festival. If you click on the title, you'll get a short synopsis of the film.

Thanks, Lynda! (12/14)

Proof of Life

For your viewing enjoyment, here is the print ad that was taken out promotiong David's performance in Proof of Life for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He certainly deserved it!

Wendy, thanks again! (12/7)

Here are photos from the official Hearts in Atlantis Press kit.

Thanks, Wendy! (12/7)

Hearts in Atlantis

The Slaughter Rule will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival, January 2002.

Thanks for the tip, Bridget and Susan! (11/27)

The Negotiator

For all of you The Negotiator fans, here are some images from the official Press Kit for the movie.

Thanks, Wendy, for these new additions! (11/24)

Here are some images from the Bait official press kit.

And here is an official photo of David in Inside Moves. (11/24)

Bait Press Kit
Crazy in Alabama

Check out this promotional flyer from the Australian release of Crazy in Alabama. (11/24)



The Green Mile Extras Page has been added devoted to various photos, print advertisements, and other miscellaneous information related to the movie.

You can check out photos from the offical Press Kit as well as behind-the-scenes photos taken during the filming of the movie.

Thanks, Wendy! (11/24)

The Green Mile
Personal Foul

Now Available, the Personal Foul Photo Gallery.

This is the movie that David made with his wife, Susan Wheeler Duff, and fellow co-star from Big Wave Dave's, Adam Arkin. (11/24)

Here's is a great article from US Magazine dated December 1, 1986.

Thanks, Lynda for sending it along! (11/21)

Added Lynda's photos. (11/24)

US Magazine



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