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Lucky Fan Susan had the opportunity to see The Slaughter Rule on Friday night, March 29, at the New Directors/New Films festival in New York City. She checks in with this review:

The Slaughter Rule"Where to begin ... Morse is true to form, taking a difficult character and portraying him with incredible emotion. Scruffy and vulnerable, Gideon is a man self conflicted but sure of one thing; his love for 6 man football. Powerful scenes between Morse and Gosling capture the essence of male relationships. How much touching between men is camaraderie and at what point does that turn sexual. The Smith boys take us on a complicated and edgy journey with good story telling and stylish directing. As said before, this is a performance driven piece with Morse leading the way.

After the film, Alex and Andrew Smith, Ryan Gosling, Dave Cale and David Morse were introduced and did some Q&A. Cold and snowy weather made this shoot a challenge but added gritty realism. Morse spoke of the joy of doing independent films with rich multidimensional characters.

Morse is serious, soft spoken and ruggedly handsome. His fans will find an artist who is at his peak in The Slaughter Rule."

Hopefully, it will soon be picked up by a distributor, so maybe the rest of us can see it. Or, at least, straight to video? I'd certainly buy that DVD.

Thanks Susan! (3/30)

Still more casting news for David's new pilot Hack. George Dzunda has joined the cast and according to the story:

"Veteran character actor George Dzundza has joined the cast of CBS' drama pilot Hack from Big Ticket TV, Pariah and CBS Prods.

In Hack, Dzundza is set to play a priest and a friend to the central character, an ex-cop-turned-taxi driver played by David Morse. Dzundza, whose credits include Basic Instinct, the upcoming City by the Sea and NBC's comedy series Jesse, is repped by Gersh and Raw Talent."

Thanks, Susan! (3/26)

More news about Hack, Andre Braugher has joined the cast. The story reports:

"Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street) has come on board the David Koepp-penned CBS drama Hack, playing Giordano, a law enforcement official who helped ruin the career of the ex-cop turned crime-solving cab driver played by series star David Morse. The role, which was originally written as a minor part, is being expanded for Braugher, who most recently starred in the TV movie 10,000 Black Men Named George and the critically praised ABC drama Gideon's Crossing"

Thanks, Susan! (3/21)

ITVS.com is showing some current broadcast dates for Diary of a City Priest. Click on this link and then click on the Go button for Search by all states and you'll see the scheduled broadcasts.

Two of the broadcasts are in my local area, Seattle/Tacoma. Cool! Be nice to finally see this show. Thanks, Lynda! (3/19)

Diary of a City Priest

There's a small blurb about Hack in a Reuters/Variety story published today about the upcoming TV pilots, saying:

"Thomas Carter, who directed the feature version of Save the Last Dance, has come on board as director-executive producer of the CBS drama pilot Hack, starring David Morse as a suspended Philadelphia cop who now drives a taxi, yet still gets involved in solving crimes. The two previously worked together on the pilot of St. Elsewhere."

Thanks, Susan! (3/18)

The Lights of Liberty show premiered in Philadelphia in 1999. This show is a five-act, state-of-the-art sound and light show that takes the audience on a hour-long journey through Independence National Historical Park, recreating the dramatic events leading to independence.

David is a featured voice in this show, along with many other distinguished personalities. The 2002 season for the show will be beginning in Philadelphia in April and will run through October.

Thanks, Lynda! (3/18)

Here are two more articles about David. The first article called Not Just a Regular Joe is from the L.A. Daily News and was first published around the time that The Indian Runner was released in September, 1991.

The second article called Cracking the Morse Code is from the Chicago Sun-Times and was first published in October, 2000. (3/17)

Here is the all new Hearts in Atlantis Photo gallery! This is certainly a definite improvement on the old Hearts Gallery. (3/17)

With more in the series of ongoing older articles about David, first here's a 1989 story from the Chicago Tribune, called As a Performer, David Morse Shuns Limelight. It was published about the time that Brotherhood of the Rose was first shown on television.

And then, here's a 1996 story from the Newark Star-Ledger called For Morse, a One Man Show a Matter of Faith, published when David was appearing in the stage production An Almost Holy Picture.

And finally a 1998 story from the LA Times, Movies on a Role, coinciding with the release of George B.

Thanks, Laura! (3/16)

Here is a 1985 article about David from the Dallas Morning News called Morse Lives by his Own Quiet Code.

This is just the first in an ongoing series of articles about David, which while not exactly recent, certainly do provide some interesting reading. Stay tuned for more, in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Laura, for all of your hard work, scouting them out! (3/12)



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