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The Philadelphia Daily News checks in with this story about Hack. (5/24)

Here's another Hack story discovered by the DMFC. The story says that shooting will begin in Philadelphia in mid-July.

Thanks, Lynda! (5/23)

Double Vision premiered at Cannes on May 21, 2002. No sign of any reviews, yet, but still looking.

Sony has confirmed the September 28, 2002 release of Double Vision in Hong Kong. However, still no word of a confirmed US release. (5/23)

The David Morse Fan Site Japan discovered this Media Life Magazine story covering the CBS fall season that features a great Hack photo.

And according to this web site, Double Vision will be released in Taiwan on Sept. 28, 2002.

Thanks, Yoshiko! (5/20)

Hearts in Atlantis just opened up in Japan, as per Yoshiko, of the David Morse Fan Site Japan. She was gracious enough to send to DMO images from the HIA program booklet. The movie program booklet is a practice common to very many countries, but not the USA. Unfortunately.

Thanks, Yoshiko! (5/18)

This Hollywood Reporter story mentions Hack saying:

"On Friday, five new dramas will duke it out for a piece of the audience that has turned NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit into a hit in the 10 p.m. berth. Fox's sci-fi entry Firefly will have the younger drama demo all to itself in the 8 p.m. hour, but it'll be a three-way brawl at 9 p.m. among Hack, CBS' quirky cab-driver vehicle that was a hit with ad buyers at the network's upfront presentation, ABC's That Was Then and Fox's John Doe. CBS' RHD/LA squares off against Law & Order: SVU at 10 p.m. " (5/17)

Yoshiko of the David Morse Fan Site Japan has found this story saying:


Even with a new title change (and without Dan Rather), 48 Hours Investigates is still likely to lose the ratings battle to NBC's tired Providence. And given the competition at 8 p.m. (not much in my opinion),I personally would have liked to see CBS open the night more aggressively. Although NBC's Law & Order: SVU has no worries opposite the Miami Vice-like RHD/LA, a potential sleeper next season is CBS's Hack, which inherits the time period that CSI successfully debuted in two years ago. If anything, maybe Hack will open the door to some new male Emmy acting nominations in the drama category next season."

Thanks, Yoshiko! (5/17)

Here is CBS' official Hack page.

This story describes CBS' official presentation of the 2002 Fall line-up Wednesday, at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Saying,

"As for the main event, the unveiling of CBS' new primetime slate, Moonves described the new crop of comedies and dramas as "stylish," "cool" and, in certain cases, "a little out of the ordinary for CBS." The new shows that generated the strongest buzz among buyers were the comedy Still Standing, revolving around a blue-collar Chicago couple with three kids, and Hack, a drama about a cop-turned-taxi driver who seeks redemption for past wrongs by helping people in need.

"I think they have some really good possibilities," Carat USA president Charles Rutman said. "I think Still Standing has possibilities, and Hack looks very interesting."

This Variety story also mentions Hack saying,

"CBS' only new drama not landing a 10 p.m. slot is Hack, which will instead air Fridays at 9 p.m. Moonves seemed particularly high on this "Equalizer"-like hour about a crimsolving ex-cop (David Morse) who now drives a taxi. "

Thanks, Susan! (5/16)

The David Morse Fan Club found this great story in PRNewswire that gives a detailed description of Hack's basic premise. You can check out the relevant part of the article in Hack News page.

Thanks, Lynda! (5/15)

And here's another Hack story from the Philadelphia Daily News. (5/15)

Here's a great story from the Philadelphia Inquirer about Hack. Great photo of David, as well.

Thanks, Susan! (5/15)

According to this Reuters story, CBS will be showing Hack on Friday nights next Fall. Saying:

"The network is adding two new dramas to the Friday night slate: Hack about an ex-cop who becomes a taxi driver, and RHD/LA, a cop drama about the robbery and homicide division of the Los Angeles Police Department. "

And this AP story says that Hack will be shown Fridays, at 9:00 PM (5/15)

The Double Vision screening at the Cannes Film Festival (which starts today, May 15) will be on May 21, 2002. Check out the Double Vision detailed summary page on the Cannes Web Site.

Thanks, Susan! (5/15)

It's official! Hack is on for the Fall, 2002 schedule. According to the story:

"Bruckheimer will be joined by another big-name filmmaker, Spider-Man and Panic Room scribe David Koepp, who will make his TV debut with Hack, which was picked up by CBS on Monday in advance of the network's fall schedule presentation, set for Wednesday.

As part of the Hack pickup, David Shore, most recently an executive producer on CBS' Family Law, has been tapped as the showrunner on the Big Ticket/Pariah/CBS Prods. show, which stars David Morse as a cop-turned-taxi driver. Shore will executive produce alongside Koepp and Gavin Polone. " (5/14)

George B.

Here are two new, updated, photo galleries taken from a DVD source.

George B. and Desperate Hours.


Desperate Hours

The Fall 2002 TV schedules will be announced on Tuesday, May 14. And according to this story, it seems that Hack will be on the schedule:

"Sources said CBS has given an official order to the Mark Addy-Jamie Gertz starring blue-collar family comedy, Still Standing, from 20th Century Fox TV and CBS Prods. Other strong contenders for orders were the Big Ticket/Pariah drama Hack, which has received a green light to begin staffing."

Thanks, Susan! (5/13)

News TribuneContinuing with the new (old) stories, here's one from the Tacoma News Tribune entitled Dancer Star Hopes Bjork Will Do Encore.

NewsdayAnd from Newsday, published at the time David was performing in How I Learned To Drive is Play by Play: The Star Stalled as He Learned to Drive.

Laura, as always, Thanks! (5/11)

The David Morse Fan Club has unearthed the trailer from David's unreleased movie A.W.O.L. The trailer can only be played in Real Player (not Windows Media Player or Quicktime).

First, get your free copy of Real Player.

Then, click here to download the trailer. Once the trailer has been downloaded to your hard drive, you can then open and play it in Real Player.

Thanks, Lynda! (5/10)

Here are a few more new (old) stories about David:

New York TimesFirst, here's one from The New York Times entitled Stardom Can Mean Starving.

Washington TimesNext Up, here's a story from The Washington Times entitled Ryan-Crowe Affair Holds Proof of Life Hostage.

Thanks, Laura! (5/10)

More Hack news! Here's another Hollywood Reporter story saying that CBS has ordered more Hack scripts:

"In an encouraging sign for the future of the CBS drama pilot Hack, the network has ordered additional scripts for the Big Ticket TV/Pariah/CBS Prods. drama.

Hack stars David Morse as a former cop turned crime-fighting taxi driver and Andre Braugher as his former partner." (5/10)



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