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On the Tisherman Agency web site (which, according to the IMDB PRO web site is one of David Morse's new Talent Agents), you can hear demos of David Morse doing sample commercials.

To get to David Morse's page, just enter David Morse in the 'search reels" box and his page will come up. (12/9/04)

Here's some Hounddog news. According to the writer, filming for this movie should begin, in June, 2005.

Thanks, Tess, for getting this information. (12/4/04)

A fan in Texas, has this report:

"I was shopping at the local grocery store in Cedar Park, Texas.  I thought I saw David Morse on December 3rd, 2004.  Is he in Texas filming?  I'm pretty sure it was him.
I went all over the grocery store thinking I recognized him.  Then it hit me.  His face seemed familiar from The Rock." (12/4/04)

A fan in England is reporting that Hack is now being shown, there. Maybe, one day, there will be a DVD release? (12/1/04)

At Hollywood.com, you can vote your opinion of how you view David Morse. So far, David has a 96% positive rating.

Why not vote now? (12/1/04)

Here are a couple of Dreamer stories:

Rewind, Fast Forward

More than one dreamer


The Philadelphia Daily News reports that "David Morse put his cab-driving skills to good use Tuesday. The Hack star used his wife's car to give people rides to polling places in the Northeast.

Two of Morse's passengers in one carload were elderly women who knew they recognized their driver from somewhere, and were thrilled once they realized who he was." (11/6/04)

David Morse appeared with Governor Ed Rendell on Friday, October 29, 2004 at the Media Community Center, in Philadelphia, to round up support for presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry. (10/30/04)

Philly fan Charlie Chambers took this photo of David Morse at about 2pm at 17th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia, PA, just after the Kerry/Clinton rally was held on October 25, 2004. David Morse attended the rally. (10/26/04)

According to this web site (registration required), David Morse is associated with the Kurt Russell movie, Dreamer, now filming in Louisiana. (10/11/04)

A fan reported seeing David Morse in New Orleans, LA this past weekend, October 9 through 10. (10/10/04)

David Morse's 51st birthday is coming up, on October 11, 2004. On David Morse's 50th birthday, the Hack crew had a special treat, for him, from Cher Impersonator, Helene:

Helene's "I Got You Dave" Parody Song (4.7MB MP3 File)

Happy 51st Birthday, David Morse. (10/4/2004)

Australia's Network Ten TV station is now showing episodes from the 1st season of Hack. (9/28/2004)

Rosary Casiello of Philadelphia, PA is the lucky winner of David Morse's Hack boots in the Mix 95.7 shoe auction. (9/28/2004)

The Mix 95.7 radio station web site is now showing the final bid list for their recent shoe auction. David Morse's Hack boots were sold for $1,005, the highest bid, by far of the shoes inluded in the auction. Thanks to everyone who participated. (9/27/2004)

David Morse BootsThe Philly's Mix 95.7 shoe auction has now ended. The final on-line bid for David Morse's Hack boots was $1,000.

The final bidding was held at the Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant, in Philadelphia, on Thursday evening, September 23, 2004. There's been no official word, yet, of the final bid price or the name of the lucky winner.

However, if you still want to make a donation to the American Cancer Society and have your donation added to the amount collected for the auction for David Morse's boots, send your donation to this address:

Theresa Russell
C/O Mix 95.7
One Bala Plaza
Suite 424
Bala Cynwyd PA 19004

Attn: shoe auction

Be sure to specify that your donation is on behalf of David Morse's boots. (9/24/2004)

Another Lexington, KY resident has reported seeing David Morse in the Lexington, environs. (9/21/2004)

Kentucky resident Eric Chastain reports seeing David Morse in Lexington, on September 14, 2004. (9/15/2004)

Mix 95.7 Celebrity Shoe AuctionPhilly's Mix 95.7 radio station is sponsoring a Celebrity Shoe Auction, benefitting the American Cancer Society's, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

David Morse BootsDavid Morse generously donated an autographed pair of his shoes, described as " Frye Engineer Boots, Market Value: $185." Place your bid, here.


The IMDB.com is showing that David Morse has been cast in a movie called Hounddog. (8/3/2004)

David Morse's movie Murder Live! will be released on Region 1 DVD (US and Canada) on August 10, 2004. Check for the movie at your local retailer. (7/30/2004)

Here's some recent news stories from David Morse's next movie, Nearing Grace:

The Oregonian: Hollwyood's in Town

KATU.com: Oregon Lures Another Movie

Fox 12: Oregon: Independent film shooting in Oregon thanks to state help

Lynda Vandiver wrote this article prior to Hack's cancellation. (6/29/2004)

The Oregon film site provides additional information on Nearing Grace saying that shooting began on June 14, 2004 and is expected to last 5-6 weeks. (6/18/2004)

From this site, it appears that Nearing Grace is currently filming in Portland, OR and the story will be set in 1978. (6/17/2004)

The IMDB is showing that David Morse has been cast in a new movie called Nearing Grace, with Gregory Smith (Everwood, The Patriot), Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious) and Ashley Johnson (What Women Want).

Based on the novel by Scott Sommer, Nearing Grace is the tale of an eccentric teenager (Smith) who nearly drops out of life after the death of his mother, but who rediscovers life in the arms of a woman named Grace. (Brewster) (6/16/2004)

Prototype DVD

Prototype has recently been released on Region 1 DVD (The US and Canada).

You can order your copy now at Buy.com. (6/16/2004)

Eli Harris

Eli Harris has been added to the Hack: Up Close and Personal section. Eli was involved in many Hack episodes during the second season.

Check out what Eli has to say. (5/25/2004)

Local Philadedlphia Hack fan Maryann Smialkowski spearheaded the effort to place an ad in the local Philly Metro newspaper thanking Hack's cast and crew for two great seasons.

You can view the ad here. (5/24/2004)

Pat Chambers

Pat Chambers is now featured on the Hack: Up Close and Personal page. Pat worked as extra, featured extra, stand-in, or precision driver on a number of Hack episodes, in both the first and second seasons.

Check out what Pat has to say. (5/21/2004)

The Associated Press is running this story, today, David Morse Disappointed That 'Hack' Axed. (5/21/2004)

The Philadelphia Daily News checks in today with this story, CBS axes 'Hack' after 2-year run as does The Philadelphia Inquirer with Gail Shister | It's official: 'Hack' won't return to cruise Philly streets. (5/20/2004)


CBS has officially cancelled Hack. (5/19/2004)

George Pellegrino

George Pellegrino is the latest addition to the Hack: Up Close and Personal section. George worked on two episodes of Hack in the 2nd season and was also the primary coordinator of the We Back Our Hack Rally.

Check out what George has to say. (5/18/2004)

We Back Our Hack

Courtesy of Maryann Smialkowski, one of the rally co-cordinators, here are some photos of the We Back our Hack Rally held in Philadelphia on April 24, 2004. (5/18/2004)

Prior News

CBS' will be presenting their 2004/2005 Fall TV schedule on Wednesday, May 19, 2004. (5/11/2004)

Hack's fate will be announced during the week of May 16, 2004, when CBS presents their 2004/2005 Fall TV schedule to the advertisers. The annual "Up Front" presentation, the week where the networks all jockey for the advertising dollars, is the basis of what's offered, on broadcast TV.

And it's still not too late. Now is the time to write to The Powers That Be and let them know what we want!  Let the CBS and Paramount brass know that Hack has an audience, and it's a loyal one.  It's not over until it's over.

Letters should be addressed to: 

Les Moonves
CBS Broadcasting Inc.,
7800 Beverly Blvd., 3rd floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Director of Programming
CBS Television
524 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019  

Garry Hart, President
Paramount Television Production
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

Writing Tips:

  • Be polite and positive. Thank CBS for giving us this quality drama programming.  Let them know that you want the series brought back for a third season. Everyone responds better to praise than criticism.
  • Keep your letter short, and simple. Include your age and location, and let them know that you're a loyal Hack viewer who tunes in each and every week.
  • Be passionate, be honest, and be enthusiastic about the show.  Suggest that perhaps Hack would do better shifted to another night and scheduled at a later hour.
  • If you watch Hack on a set-top box such as TiVo, or tape it, due to the time it is broadcast, mention that - and that viewers who watch the series via a set-top box are invisible in the Nielsens.
  • Letters should be no longer than one page typed, single-sided. Hand-written notes are fine so long as they are legible. Postcards, however, are preferable.
  • Postcards and letters are more effective than faxes or emails. Threatening or harassing the network—or trying to "spam" or overwhelm them with electronic communications does not help our cause, and is more likely to alienate the network than convince them to listen to their audience.
  • Recruit your friends and family to write in. The more mail they receive, the better the show's chances of renewal.
  • Write early. Write often. Don't use the same letter. Folks can spot a form letter a mile off, and you will make a better impression if you take the time to compose a new letter each time.

    Don't give up hope. Other TV series have been given new leases on life, with help from fan campaigns. The best way fans can help is through a dedicated, targeted write-in campaign. Keep it simple. Keep it focused. And maybe we'll get to keep Hack. (5/4/2004)

Rosary Casiello

Rosary Casiello, the co-coordinator of the "We Back Our Hack" rally, relates her personal recollections from the rally, held in downtown Philly on Saturday, April 24, 2004.

Stay tuned for more photos and video of the rally. (4/27/2004)

We Back our "Hack"

The devoted fans of Hack took to the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday, April 24, 2004 from Noon to 1:00 PM at Dilworth Plaza, adjacent to Philadelphia's City Hall.

Over 200 people came together to show their support for Hack. Diane Heery of Heery Casting spoke at the rally as well as Sharon Pinkenson, of the Philadelphia film office. John Richman, David Morse's Stand-in on Hack, spoke, as did David Sitbon, who has appeared in five Hack episodes.

Due to other obligations, David Morse was unable to attend. However, Pinkenson did read a message from David Morse, saying:

"Just as Hack has been a great gift to Philadelphia over the past 2 seasons, Philadelphia and all of the people who support the show have been a great gift to Hack and are all a part of what makes the show special. 

Thank you for being here today and sending your message to CBS.  I'm sorry I can't be with you as you do it.  Lets keep hoping for the best and a third season and another ride in cab 2626."

George PellegrinoGeorge Pellegrino, the primary "We Back Our Hack" coordinator, said:

"We were encouraged by the response and I was proud at what we were able to do in a short period of time. Everything and everybody cooperated, even the weather.

We impressed Sharon and Diane as well as many others that not only were we able to pull off the rally, but how extremely well-organized and thoroughly thought-out it was. The team should be applauded for their efforts.

There were a number of actors from AFTRA/SAG who came out to support the rally as well.

The group that worked on this rally had so much passion for what they were doing and stayed focused on the objective. I am proud of what we accomplished." (4/26/2004)

Philly Hack fan Maryann Smialkowski was interviewed by Philly radio station KYW News Radio 1060 about the updoming Hack Rally scheduled for Saturday, April 24 from Noon to 1:00 PM at Dilworth Plaza in Philly.

You can listen to the interview. (4/21/2004)

The "We Back Our Hack" rally gets a mention on Easter Sunday from the Philadelphia Inquirer's Michael Klein. Saying:

Fighting to save Hack

Has the meter stopped running on the shot-in-Philly CBS show Hack? As its second season wraps, it's unclear whether the show, about a cab-driving, crime-solving former cop, will be renewed. A formal yea or nay is to come down next month, and local fans are planning a Hack rally, directed at network brass, for noon April 24 on the west side of City Hall.

Upside: Hack, starring David Morse, is the top-rated show in its 9 p.m. Saturday time slot.

Downside: The slick drama costs about $2.5 million an episode, which is above the industry average. CBS has hinted that it might book movies into Saturday nights in the fall. (4/11/2004)

The Hack Philly Gift Basket raffle has now ended. The lucky winners are Jessica Lawson for the non Philly Gift Basket and Rudy Di Lorenzo for the Philly Gift Basket.

Thanks to all who entered! (4/1/2004)

Courtesy of Tess, here is the wallpaper for Hack Ep 2-18, The Reckoning.

Thanks, Tess. (3/29/2004)

Here is the Photo Gallery for Hack Ep 2-18, The Reckoning. (3/22/2004)

In the Final Nielsen Ratings for the week of March 8 through March 14, 2004 Hack Episode 2-18, The Reckoning came in at 7.5 Mms viewers, #61. (3/17/2004)

The Slaughter Rule

The Official The Slaughter Rule web site has recently been relaunched.


Zap2it reports the Fast National Ratings for Saturday's March 13, 2004 Hack episode 2-18 The Reckoning:

"CBS was a close third in the 8:00 PM hour, averaging 3.7/7 with coverage of the Pac-10 men's basketball final leading into Star Search (West Coast viewers saw the normal schedule)

FOX stayed in front at 9 p.m. with America's Most Wanted, 5.0/9. CBS moved into second with the conclusion of Star Search and Hack, posting a 4.9/9 for the hour. The second hour of NBC's Secret Tapes averaged 4.6/8. ABC's movie Dr. Doolittle trailed.

At 10 p.m., a rerun of Law & Order: SVU put NBC in front with a 6.0/11. The final minutes of Hack and a repeat of The District averaged 5.2/9 for CBS. ABC went with America's Funniest Home Videos, 4.1/8." (3/14/2004)

David Morse's new movie is called Down in the Valley and stars Edward Norton and Evan Rachel Wood. Bruce Dern and Rory Culkin also have been cast.

Valley is to be written and directed by David Jacobson. The story concerns a father (Morse) who must contend with his wild teenage daughter Tobe (Wood) who enters into a relationship with a mentally ill older man, Harlan (Norton), who thinks he's a cowboy.

Element Films is producing and financing the $8 million project, which is filming now in Los Angeles and will be released in 2005. (3/12/2004)

In the Final Nielsen Ratings for the week of March 1 through March 7, 2004 Hack Episode 2-17, One for my Baby came in at 8.0 Mms viewers, #62. (3/10/2004)

Robert Pastorelli

Actor Robert Pastorelli, who recently appeared in Hack Ep 2-8 Blind Faith, and who also appeared with David Morse in Bait died Monday at the age of 49. Our profound condolences to Mr. Pastorelli's family and friends. (3/10/2004)

Robert Pastorelli

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