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Here is another Wallpaper for your PC, courtesy of Wykydred that features many of David's dramatic roles. Click here or on the photo to download it. (6/23)

David Morse Wallpaper
The Negotiator Wallpaper

Here's another of Wykydred's Wallpapers for your PC, this one for The Negotiator. Click here or on the image to download it to your computer.

And be sure to visit the Wallpaper's page to see all of the available wallpapers. (6/21)

Courtesy of Wykydred, here is a new section of the site devoted to Wallpapers for your computer from some of David's movies. (6/18)

This Philadelphia Daily News story explains how you can apply to be an extra on David's new series, Hack.


If you're looking to be part of the CBS production of Hack, starring David Morse and Andre Braugher, when it shoots in Philadelphia this summer, here's the info for extras casting. Producers are looking for all types and all ages (18 and older).

If you're a member of SAG and/or AFTRA, bring your paid-up union card to Mike Lemon Casting from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday, June 28.

Non-union? Bring a photo, which will not be returned, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. June 29.

Casting agency is at 413 N. 7th St. (between Callowhill and Spring Garden), suite 602.

Can't make it? Send a picture/resume to the above address. The ZIP is 19123. No phone calls.

And here is a more detailed story in the Philadelphia Inquirer related to the Extras casting. (6/18)

Handicapping the New Fall Season: Friday 9 p.m., a Media Week story says,

"If you like good acting and miss CSI in its old Friday time period, Hack with Andre Braugher and long-suffering "Boomer" from St. Elsewhere, David Morse, will probably not disappoint. Aren't we all getting a bit tired of Dateline?" (6/17)

The Slaughter Rule is also being screened at the New Zealand Film Festival in Auckland, on July 17 and 18 as well as in Wellington on dates not yet announced.

Thanks, Susan! (6/17)

This Australian web site has a story about The Slaughter Rule, currently playing Down Under at the Sydney Film Festival.

Thanks, Susan! (6/17)

Gail Shister of the Philadelphia Inquirer checks in with this Hack news:

"Hack flash. The Greater Philadelphia Film Office has received more than 500 resumes for jobs on CBS's Hack, says czarina Sharon Pinkenson. The new drama, starring David Morse as a disgraced Philly cop-turned-cabbie, begins production here in mid-July.

About 300 people have put in for acting jobs, 200 for crew positions, Pinkenson says. Many department heads will be local hires - an unusual move for an out-of-town director, she adds." (6/13)

The 33rd Nashville Independent Film Festival has concluded and announced their 2002 awards. The Slaughter Rule garnered "Honorable Mention" for the festival's top award, The Dreammaker Award.

The winner of the Dreammaker Award, Paradox Lake, is entitled to a one-week (seven day) theatrical run in Los Angeles County at a Regal Cinemas theater. This screening qualifies the film for Academy Award® consideration.

So close, but yet so far. But still, that's a great showing, for Slaughter. All it needs is to be picked up. One step, at a time.

And here's an interesting review of Slaughter, from the Nashville festival.

With buzz like that, I think we'll see this movie, soon.

Thanks, Susan! (6/12)

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office has further Hack casting news, saying:

"Casting: Hack is now accepting actors’ resumes and headshots for review. Please mail all submissions to the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. Information on open casting calls will be posted when available on this site. ABSOLUTELY NO WALK-INS OR PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Keep checking this site for further announcements." (6/4)

The Slaughter Rule will be screened at the Nashville Indpendent Film Festival in Nashville, Tennessee on June 5 and June 8, 2002.

Thanks, Susan! (6/4)

This Philadelphia News story mentions Hack, saying:

Hacked off

CBS' Hack, the first network drama ever to be filmed in Philadelphia, hasn't even hit the airwaves and someone's already making fun of the name.

Asked last week about TV's current crime-fighting wave, Law & Order producer Dick Wolf didn't mince words.

"Television eats its young," he said. "Whenever anything is successful, it's send in the clones...and the clones never work."

(This from the guy who's spun off Law & Order not once but twice, who's remaking Dragnet and whose next project, a summer documentary series called Crime & Punishment, uses L&O's trademark touches.)

Not that Wolf's worried. "I have branded shows," Wolf told reporters, adding that he expects CBS' CSI: Miami to do well, "because it's branded."

Not so lucky in Wolf's eyes is the David Morse drama about a disgraced cop turned cabdriver.

"What's 'Hack'? You've got to educate millions of people out there that you cannot miss Hack on Fridays at 9. What's Hack?" (6/3)

Here's a great preview of the CBS 2002 Hack series. Click on the Sneak Peak Video link.

Just a teaser, but the series looks great!

Thanks, Julie! (6/2)

Here's another great (older) story about David. Circa 1984, via the Philadelphia Daily News. Interesting Reading.

Thanks, Julie! (6/2)

This Philadelphia Inquirer story reveals some of the details about the plot of the Hack pilot episode by focusing on one of the actresses playing a small role in it. (6/2)

Here is an interesting discussion about Hack on the Aint-it-Cool-News web site. (Your have to scroll down to get to the discussion). The thread isn't all about Hack, but some great viewpoints expressed about the show. (5/31)

Gail Shister has another Hack update saying:

"Hack alert. Sharon Pinkenson of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, just back from Cannes, checked in with an employment update on Hack.

Those looking for crew jobs with the new CBS drama should send their resumes to the film office via fax (215-686-3659), e-mail (hack@film.org) or snail mail (100 S. Broad St., Suite 600, Philadelphia 19110).

Production begins in mid-July. Casting info next week." (5/30)

Here is some Double Vision poster art. (5/29)

We're still waiting for some English reviews of Double Vision after it's premiere at Cannes on 5/21. However, the David Morse Fan Site Japan has found some Double Vision stories from a Hong Kong newspaper and from the Chinese People.com site.

Thanks, Yoshiko! (5/29)

The Slaughter Rule is headed down under for the 49th Sydney Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. The film will screen twice, on June 18th and June 19th.

Thanks Susan! (5/29)

Gail Shister writes today in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Hack, saying:

"Hack jobs. Finally, some details about jobs with Hack, the new CBS drama to be produced here as of mid-July.

For crew positions, producer Big Ticket Television will accept resumes, with cover letters, via fax only at 323-468-4092. No phone calls.

Casting details should be available by Tuesday, CBS says. Hack stars David Morse as a disgraced Philly cop-turned-cabdriver. André Braugher costars as his best friend and former partner."

Thanks Lynda! (5/29)



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