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From this press release, David will be awarded the David Bodian Memorial Award by the International Post-Polio Task Force for his efforts on behalf of polio survivors. The awards ceremony will be held on Monday, September 9, at 9 AM at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey.(9/3)

One of the U.S. Double Vision web sites has now become active. This Flash 5 site features the theatrical trailer and stills from the movie (you can download the stills), a summary of the story, a section containing ecards, wallpapers, and screensavers, and cast and crew biographies. (9/1)

Ellen Gray from the Philadelphia Daily News features this story today about Hack, Hacking It. (8/27)

The Philadelphia Daily News checks in today, saying:

Philly rocks!

Don't believe us that Philadelphia's at the epicenter of the new TV season? Then maybe you'll believe Esquire, whose September issue includes CBS's Hack and NBC's American Dreams on its list of five shows to check out this fall. Hack, which stars Philadelphia-based actor David Morse, is being filmed here. Dreams, which is set in 1963 Philly, is a strictly Hollywood production. (8/22)

Gail Shister from the Philadelphia Inquirer features this story today about David:

Gail Shister | 'Hack' could bring star more attention than he wants (8/21)

Here is a blurb about David in The Slaughter Rule from a story covering the 2002 Taos Talking Picture Festival in New Mexico:

"Also garnering strong buzz was The Slaughter Rule (with a standout performance by David Morse, playing a Montana football coach, that one industry exec deemed Oscar-worthy)" Thanks, Susan! (8/21)

This Philadelphia Inquirer story about the filming of Hack is certainly interesting reading.

'Hack' crew sets up shop on Philly's steamy streets (8/15)

For you French speaking fans, here's what seems to be a review of Double Vision. Thanks, Susan! (8/12)

Here's an interesting Philadelphia Daily News story about David and the background behind the development of Hack:

Ride At Home

David Morse took long road back to TV, Philly (8/12)

This Philadelphia Daily News story, Made for screen, big or small, features a small mini-bio of David (8/12)

This Philadelphia Inquirer story mentions Hack:

Suddenly, Philadelphia's a showbiz darling

The city's novelty has cameras rolling.

By David Hiltbrand
Inquirer Staff Writer

Shyamalan isn't the only Philadelphian with a homing instinct. CBS is shooting Hack, its vigilante cabbie series, here only because star David Morse expressed a strong desire to work near his Chestnut Hill residence. So the network brought the mountain to Morse.

Hack is the first prime-time series since 1993's Homicide: Life on the Streets to shoot entirely on location outside of Los Angeles or New York. The financial stakes are heady: "If Hack shoots a full commitment of [22] episodes, they say they're going to spend $40 million a year here," Pinkenson said.

"This is a fresh, visually exciting city," said Hack producer Nan Bernstein. "In New York, with all the episodic televison that's been shot there in the last 10 years, I don't think there's a building that allows shooting that hasn't been used." (8/5)

Stu Bykofsky in the Philadelphia Daily News mentions Hack saying:

Hot & happening

How convenient: The CBS series Hack, having rented a garage on 15th near Callowhill, will be shooting thisclose to Your Favorite Columnist. The show, about a cop-turned-cabbie crime-fighter, stars Chestnut Hill's David Morse and will shoot through December, longer if the series is a hit. (No Philly-based series has ever been a hit.) From what I hear, producers are complaining about the attention I have paid them. Let me get this straight: You shoot a TV series in Philly and you expect to be ignored?... (7/30)

USA Today checks in with their prognosis for the Fall television season, saying:


High hopes: Robbery Homicide Division

Sometimes hope rides on little more than a name and a promise. In terms of ratings performance, CBS probably has higher hopes for CSI Miami and Without a Trace, solidly made cop shows sparked by two of the season's best new actor additions: David Caruso on Miami and Anthony LaPaglia on Trace. But for those looking for something different, the draw could be Robbery, a cop show from Michael Mann of Miami Vice and Heat. Mann says he'll give the series a unique visual style and take us into L.A. ethnic neighborhoods never before explored by television. As all Mann had to show were a few clips, we have to take him at his word. Isn't that what hope's about?

Low Expectations: Hack

On the other hand, sometimes the drive to be different leads to an apparent dead end. Created by Spider-Man's David Koepp, the unfortunately named Hack stars David Morse as a vigilante ex-cop cabdriver -- an idea that makes Spidey seem plausible. Producer Gavin Polone says the goal was to transplant a Western hero like Shane to modern life without making him a cop, a lawyer or a doctor. The result looks like Touched by an Angry Cabby, which can't be what he had in mind."

Well, critics aren't always right ... look at the success of Scooby Doo!(7/29)

Here's a Philadelphia Inquirer story that mentions a location where the shooting of Hack is taking place:

"Hack, the CBS series starring David Morse now shooting in town, is trying to keep locations under wraps. But it was hard to miss the camera crew that was set up Friday in a garage on 15th Street between Hamilton and Callowhill Streets - across the street from the Inquirer-Daily News Building." (7/28)

This Philadelphia Inquirer story mentions Hack, saying:

Tinseltown watch

Shooting starts today locally on the CBS drama Hack, in which Chestnut Hill transplant David Morse plays a disgraced cop-turned-cabbie. Much of the Hack crew - as well as crew for the soon-to-start-shooting film Jersey Girl - is staying at the new Phoenix apartment building at 16th and Arch Streets. It's a point of pride for Phoenix developer Dan Keating. He was a cab driver in a previous life. (Jersey Girl principals Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck won't bunk at the Phoenix. Suitable accommodations - two singles? a double? - are being conjured up.) (7/25)

The Slaughter Rule is being shown at the 51st Melbourne International Film Festival 2002 on July 27 and 28, 2002.

All of you David Morse Fans down under, check it out!

Thanks, Susan! (7/22)

Here's an interesting interview with David Koepp about Hack, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Thanks, Nancy! (7/21)

This Mediaweek.com story reviews Hack in not very flattering terms, saying in part:

"As exciting as it is to see two great actors like David Morse and Andre Braugher together in a new series, the pilot was a disappointing bore. If the show doesn't work, maybe some smart network programmer will get the gang from St. Elsewhere back together for a movie remake. Denzel, are you available?"

Thanks Susan! (7/18)

Here's a great story in the Philadelphia Daily News called Morse is 'grateful' to be filming 'Hack' in Philly. And here's another great story about Hack. (7/17)

This story, A Hack Survival Guide in the Philadelphia Daily News describes what it will be like working as an extra on Hack. (7/16)

This small blurb in the Philadelphia Inquirer states:

"CBS's Hack, starring David Morse, begins production here July 25..." (7/4)

This Philadelphia Daily News story mentions Hack saying that the pilot will premiere on CBS on September 27, 2002. (7/2)

Desperate Hours Wallpaper

Another wallpaper from WykedRed featuring images from the movie Desperate Hours.

The Philadelphia InquirerHere's an interesting story called They dream of stardom - or at least a call, concerning the casting of extra's for David's new TV series, Hack. (6/30)

This wallpaper from WykydRed features David's new fall CBS TV series, Hack.

There aren't many Hack images yet available, but this one will tide us over until the series premieres in the fall. (6/24)

Hack Wallpaper
Good David Movies

This wallpaper features scenes of David from his movies where he plays sympathetic characters.

From The Langoliers, to St. Elsewhere and many others, they're all here! (6/24)



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